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bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >>. >> missing in peru. new image surface of bay area couple last
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seen a month ago. good evening everyone. >> there are just no good answers and no solid ladies tonight. here are who authorities are trying to find. garrett hand and jamie neal of oakland simply vanished in per peru. john is here with the last known pictures that we have scene of these 2 and jont latest information on the search. dan in the week since the kim disappeared state department issued a wairng that the terrorist might try to kidnap u.s. tourist. nobody is sure what happened to the couple the threat enough for local high school to cancel student trip to peru. video on peru television shows hand and neal taking a bus to lima back on january 26. about the time they vanished facebook activity suddenly stopped. >> just hanging in there you don't know what you don't know. by faith holding on that they are okay. >>reporter: from the home in concord, hands family keeping an eye on any tip and
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information about the case. >> somebody knows where they are. and we want them to come home safely. anything anybody can do to help to us get them home safely we appreciate. >>reporter: oakland couple both 25 years old on 6 month bike tour of the region. spokesperson for the state department says peru authorities report the 2 were seen in the amazon renal as late as mid february. nobody knows their status the threat of rid napping in peru prompted 2 east bay hay school to ns ka el student trips. bentley school in lafayette has hosted trips to pe are you in the pas past. but two week ago they pulled the plug on the day before students were to fly ou out. school officials got this ominous warning from u.s. embassy. >> we are put up travel advisory saying there is a possibility of kidnapping to the area and i asked if they would accepted their own people they said absolutely not. that's when we cancelled the trip. >> i was kind of relieved we didn't end up going there with a situation like that. i was bumped we couldn't good on the
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trip but i'm glad that it was cancelled for that reason. >>reporter: 30 sthunts to give up the cha tons learn the culture and do community service. >> i know i was going to work in a hospital with kid with like mental problems to help them. >>reporter: also this month the head roy school in oakland cans alleged trip to peru for 25 students. >> i was relieved disappointed of course but relieved to know that the school was act prague actively. >>reporter: in addition to the abrupt cut off of facebook post hand bank activity ceased. family hoping they are in an area where in net service is impossible. >> john reporting thank you. >> right now coast guard is continuing its search off the water of monterey coast. this is video only on 7 news. one of our photographers flew aboard a coast guard plane for 5 hours this afternoon. coast guard crew has extended its search to 120 miles off the
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coast of monterey late yesterday afternoon receiving this distress call. >> coast guard coast guard abandoning ship this is abandoning ship. >>reporter: that man earlier call described his wife 4-year-old son and another boy on board the sinking sailboat. they said they had life ring and cool tore make a raft. the hunt is on for any sign of the sunken 29 foot sailboat as well as those believed to be missin missing. the search of course is complicated by night fall. >> very difficult searching in the pitch black over the ocean hoping for possibly a flare or signal from the people in the water to visually see it with our eye and back our self with a camera to found the people we are looking for. >>reporter: coast guard plans to extend its search west toward hawaii and north to the seattle area. >> mean time off the monterey coast at well san jose couple who died in diving accident. state park wreck asian
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department identified 40-year-old man and his wife marina. they died whale scuba diving at state natural preserve last friday here. this incident remains under investigation and the exact cause of their death is not yet determined. much more information. >> developing news in walnut creek. 5 elderly people rescued from aliseed living facility after stove top fire broke out in the kitchen. this happened around 8 tonight near treat boulevard and bancroft road. firefighters say they manage to knock it down just before the flames crawled up the vent into the attic two care tears were in the home when it happened. one resident taken to the whose minor smoke inhalation. other residents moved to other care facilities. developing news in oakland where stand off under way with s.w.a.t. team trying to reach suspect holed up inside a hous house. oakland police tell us they are trying to establish contact with this guy who they believe is amend. you can see from sky 7 hd of head that
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police brought out swat truck and shut down some streets in the area of 87th avenue and birch street. police won't say why they were after this person and if they even located the person they were looking for. >> new at 11:00 police officer faces charges tonight of sexual assault and kidnapping. investigators believe west sacramento police officer sergio alvarez attacked 6 women and may more victims. police chief says it's believed the officer committed crimes while on duty using his position to stop then assault the victim. >> personally i'm just appalled and sickened that someone who is nut a position of trust would violent that trust in such an agrinls and despicable manner. >> another officer reported the alleged crime alvarez policed on leave and booked in the jai
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jail. >> search for vandal targeting shops at walnut creek broadway plaza. take a look now. police release this photo showing the vandal that they are looking for. shopping center tells us that at least 10 businesses had the window even with graffiti sunday morning. causing at least 10,000 dollars in damage. >> one panel was pretty much l about scratched up. it was a key. very de-we have to replace the glachlts just something you don't expect in walnut creek downtown. on sunday especially. >> anyone who may have information on the man is asked to please call the walnut creek police department medley. >> more spring like weather rate now in the middle of winter. sandy is here live with live doppler 7hd. >> and we don't have any rain to speak of right now weighs look at live doppler 7hd you see a couple cloud well off the coast line but nothing more than that. show you a view from the high definition camera
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no problems as far as fog tomorrow morning but you mit weren't to bundle up. check out the temperature mostly 40's. fairfield down to 13 degrees. let now he what is going to change this upcoming week and still a possibility of rain coming up. >> thanks very much. sea you shortly. shares of palo alto base drug company took a beast on wall street today. they recalled the drug over the weekend after reports that several kidney patients died after taking it. 7 news reporter is live at the company headquarters in palo alto with the latest on this story. >> this was the company only approved drug that help explain why the shares fellas much as they did. >> shares of palo alto base plummeted rcent. down just over 14 dloors 2.42. this all follows the company recall announcement over the weekend. the 5 kidney dialysis patients died from the drug here while
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50 have had severe allergic reaction. it had been on the market since april and during the short time the company said it was gaining ground against the competition. because it was cheaper than the rival drug and required less frequent dozing. conference call today the ceo said we really haven't identified the rat cause of the reaction but lacking very closely at drug prdz and forms in all stages of manufacturing distribution and handling at the site. that's the only approved drug now that it's off the market company long-term viability in question. >> one analyst said limited distribution of this drug could resume later this year but likely take much longer for the company to regain the faith of the medical community. live in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you. new at 11. bald eagle on the nrooz menlo park now back in the arms of her trainer. sequoiae the eagle flew off
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during the daily training exercise on saturday. now the eagle ended up perched in the tree at the park in menlo park 5 miles away. the bird then eventually flew to redd with stwli she was finally coaxed back into the arms of her trai train. >> belongs where they should be tonight all is well that end well. >> coming. cell phone theft really turns a woman life completely upside down. >> you if you give me 5000 $i'll leaf your photo and it will be done. >> coming up next. alarming story told only to us of man who tried to blackmail a woman with information found on her phone. >> absolutely once in a life time. unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable sight. how a car landed upside down wedged into this roof 30 feat off the ground. >> behind the scenes at oscar celebration right here in the celebration right here in the bay area
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>> tonight we have maws 46 ryan bing ham new show red widow and dedeparted matthew come back to life jack. >> you have to stop this. i we shall i could. you know what i shall i could. you know what i miss us >> stay with us. 7 news at ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard,
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get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. >> breaking news tonight. egyptian officials say 19 foreign tourists killed after hot air balloon crashed in the historic city of luxor. officials say there was a fire and explosion. the balloonq% fell and crashed into nearby sugar cain fields. unclear what led to the fire or if any survivors. 19 killed. tourist said to be from britain and france among other countries. you might assume what store on the cell phone is private. but tonight a terrifying look at what can happen if that phone ends up in the wrong hands. vick lee has the
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exclusive story of woman whose life was turned upside down because of some compromising information thief threatened to reveal over the internet. >> i'm sure it's happening to someone writ now. they don't know whether to do it's scary thing. hopefully by me exposing this story they will know what to do and what not to doyshtion call her amanda. ask that we not use her real name. she's being blackmailed by the person who bought her stolen phone. last year on the night of december 29 amanda at kelly tavern in the marina district of san francisco. when she left, she noticed her new i phone was mission. 6 days later she received an e-mail from man who situated his name was edwin. there was an attachment. >> i.e. just sent me 3 nude photo of my sivshltion he told her something else. that also surprised her. >> i'm peru i bought the phone at this market. he said if you give me 5000 dollars i'll delete your photo and it will
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be done. he said okay well if you don't i'm going to send them to all of your friends. he had all my contact the on the phone and he kept messaging pe saying okay well now i'm going to put them on to pornographic web site and attach your face book link to it. it will be public. >>reporter: nude pictures were from her i-phone photo album. they were meant only for her boyfriend'size. >> obviously it's not something you should be doing. nobody can gain access to the foyrngs she went to lawyer who specia specialize ins computer forensic. >> i suspect at some point she will get the phone back with the pictures intact. >>reporter: lawyer michael hired cybercrime specialist mike mits able to track down the man who sold the pony to edwin at this marketplace in lima. he learned that the man belongs to ring of phone thieves first a muchlt person charged with sneak the phone out of the country. >> as soon as they get the phone they ship them at high
12:17 am
rate of speed to the destination whether china pakistan or in this case peru. >>reporter: thieves then get the phone ready to sell. >> they do prosecute there is this he too i to unblock the phone if it was reported stole stolen. try to change the number. do various things to the phone to get it working again then refold in their market. >>reporter: he used the internet skills to locate her blackmailer and home address in lema he posed as buyer on the black market and chatted with edwin. even convinced him to send a photo of amanda phone. >> sent me a screen shot of all the detail information on the phone that actually was her phone. >> armed with information amanda we know to the peru consulate in los angeles. also contacted the u.s. embassy in lima that referred her to the fbi aide. >> there is a warrant they are working on in peru to hopefully arrest this guy but regardless to what happens to this case i'm always going to be scared
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knowing not someone knows so much about me. >> abc 7 news. >> unbelievable story. >> new at 11:00. internet service providers began cracking down on people who illegally share music tv show or movie on lichbility unthe new copyright alert system people get up to 6 warnings after that the internet provider will take more drastic steps such as temporarily slowing their connection or even suspending service. 5 of the largest internet providers in the nation take part. at&t. verizon. time warner cable. comcast and cable vision. the president obama created by the film and recording industry. >> speeding suv made a crash landing in most unexpected place. take a look at this suv went airborne and crashed upside down lodging in the roof of this home in houston. police say the7o driver was traveling close to 90 miles an hour lost control up embankment
12:19 am
and any borne landing on top the neighboring home. driver had barely a scratch and nobody inside the home was hurt. >> seeing it it's hard to. >> hard toy manual. >> flying up that high 90 way bizarre. >> weather forecast absolutely picture perfect spring lake weather. >> sandy here. >> go figure. it's only going to get warm interthe coming days. can't detect any moisture because there isn't any at this hour. few cloud around but well off the coast line. you look at the lovely view of the lights on the bay bridge you can see visibility is just fine from our high definition south beach camera. temperatures in most areas 49 in san francisco but has fallen to 37 degrees in pet luchlt going to be a cold night especially in the wind shelter valley. sunny mild tomorrow and 70's are showing up by the end of the week. show you the temperature trend for san jose.
12:20 am
61 grease us a will any the numbers are going up by friday 12 degrees warmer. 73 degrees saturday hold on to low 70's. that is jaws look at what is coming in this week. so high pressure is going to provide us with the warmer weather. we do have the jet stream steering all the storms to the north of us so the stormtrack stays to the north this week and basically looking at dry pattern and on the subject of dry take a lack at where we are. we are running over three inches behind in san francisco. sfo over 3 and a half inches behind oakland. you need more than three inches to get to where you should be this time of year. livermore santa rosa you can see 2 to three inches behind. march could be a wet month so still hope. all right over nature readings in the mid upper 30's in the coldest inland valley bundle up head out the door. they should have the jacket or sweater clear open the cal side right around the bay as well. low mid 40's.
12:21 am
high for your tuesday in the south bay 68 in santa cruz. 66 for san jose. 65 sunnyvale on peninsula lacking at sunshine. 65 greets in palo alto. 56 on the coast in pacifica. need long sleeve for now. downtown san francisco 62 degrees and north bay mid 60's for clear lake calistoga san rafael 68 degrees in santa rosa. east bay communities a little bit higher than where wished be this time of year oakland 64. 63 free mont. inland area you notice the mailed numbers 67 in cop cord. 66 for livermore. accu-weather 7 take forecast looks like this temperatures on the way up low mid 70's showing up on the thursday and friday even saturday we hold on to the 70's. cooling weather will really kick in on sunday. now despite the fact no written coming up, always follow live doppler 7 hd rain or shine on twitter. get spare the air alert. power out annuals
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weather from around the world. just about anything you mate want. >> that's true. >> thanks very much. >> turn our attention to sports and tom. >> tom brady larry is here a lot of money but not a lot of money. >> doesn't need more money. he doesn't need tonight we are talking tons of money actually. what does tom brady really worth to the patriots. wise old sportscaster once said. he will take less and like it3q lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
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>> good evening. giants manager bruce watched intently today as he brought in rae leaveer into the eighth inning in spring training. white sox bases loaded and kid on the mound gave up 5 runs. it was his son brett who was pitching. action in scottsdale all giants early on. double down the line here. scores buster and giants erupt for this led 9 nothing. brett with a 2 run
12:26 am
double and bomb crushed by set seth. skipper said it was a tough spot but he's a tough ki kid. he will stay on it. game would end in a 9-9 tie. indian combine for 24 runs in phoenix but we are showing defense because we love watching josh reddick do this. robbing stanford man fell wps a dive and slide. then diaz rocket to third snared by donaldson whether is up and fires in tim time. then all the defense ended and the scoring began indian won the game 14-10. when joe resigns with the superbowl champion rave he says he mate get 18 to 20 million dollars a year. brady settle for half of that in the new deal. just soond a contract extension with patriots tacking on 3 more years to the 2 that he has on his existing deal. san mateo 98th uncontract to the petitions until age 40 if
12:27 am
it runs to its conclusion. new deal 3 years 27 million wal-mart prison for subpoena bowl champion. he doesn't need the money. his wife the super model made 45 million in 2011. she is doing the heavy lifting there. >> stress can kill you. manti says stress is part of the reason he struggled at the nfl combine. ran the 40. relatively slow 4.82 sechblingtdz he was enveloped in scrutiny following girlfriend hoax story. lack of sleep the past few daisy led to sub par results and he'll be better next time he runs for the scout. cal holding first practice under the new head coach sunny this afternoon in berkeley. question will he mental as cal new quarterback. spring practice last almost a month culminate with spring
12:28 am
game on march 23. here's the coach. >> look good at times. we have guys to work w.pleased with the group so far and see how the other guys respond. >> bryant is a free agent. this is not the idea photo. show team as part of the resum resume. raiders defensive line man arrested in miami early open sunday morning. police report says officers spotted an extremely intoxicated bryant banging on door of the house in a miami neighborhood with broken door handle in his hand. bryant went to clem at harvar harvard. he should be so much smarter than to let this happen. >> they get a lot of laughs at yell tonight. >> 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> not a yale man. >>tive mug shot. >> that was among.
12:29 am
>> nick nolte was another. >> come up next. oscar celebration. >> bay area winner bringing home their statueett up [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hotspot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. go to our website below to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hotspot network,

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